Scuba Gear Reviews by Katherine B.

Rating: Difficult to get on, but great in water.

This wetsuit has a very rubbery-feel, and does not feel like neoprene very much. I used this wetsuit for diving in the Caribbean in February. It was about 80-85F on land, and 78F in the water. Before I went on my trip, I wore it around my house a few times. At home, it got easier to put on after the first few times, and I could slide it on pretty good. Once I got to the Carbbiean, I had more issues because even a little bit of sweat on me totally prevented me from getting the suit on. One of my fellow divers recommended I get the suit and myself wet, so I used the spray hose at the dive shop to spray down my arms and legs as I was pulling it on. This worked like a charm! With the help of the hose, it was easy to get on. I felt the perfect temperature in the water with this suit. The carrying-case that comes with the suit is quite odd. It’s huge, ~22in X 20.5 in X 5.5in. This is way larger than needed to hold the wetsuit. The case is too large to put inside other luggage and too small and un-tough to use as a piece of luggage. It also came with a nice hanger and a towel.

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Scuba Deluxe Log Book
Rating: Scuba-Deluxe-Log-Book Large, but Works.

This dive log has many pockets and holders within for little odds and ends. It is quite large. A log page is 8in X 5.5in, but the binder is 10.5in X 8 in. So, this log book will extend 2.5 inches past the width of your page. It leaves a lot of room to put other stuff if you want. All and all, it holds my pages, and was very affordable.

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Scuba Deluxe Log Book
Rating: Scuba-Deluxe-Log-Book Very tricky to open, but works

This dry bag for log books gets the job done, but it is very hard to open the ‘ziploc’ seal on it. I have open and closed it a few times, but I still have to wedge a little tool in there to get it open. The Velcro-and-roll part of the seal is very easy to use, and on my last dive trip I used just this part of the closure. Without the Ziploc part closed you probably could not submerge it in water, but it worked just fine for splashes and puddles. The size of the bag I received was a little different from the picture in that it was more square than is necessary for a standard rectangular dive log, but this leaves space for a few other personal belongings. All and all I am glad that I purchased this bag because it allowed me to be confident that my log was safe on the boat even when big waves were splashing over the bow. I used this bag along with the log binder: 030005 Innovative Deluxe Log Book Logo. This is a larger-sized binder and it just-fit in the dry-bag in the height dimension.

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