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Rating: Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins guard works 3/22/2012

I got a slightly smaller size than I should have. Im not Swartzenager. That said, the shirt kept away some jellies that zapped one other guy. Maybe I was lucky. On the down side, the shirts stays wet longer than I expected and got chilled after a dive compared to wearing just a T shirt which is my normal attire in the tropics (30C air temp)

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Rating: Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins Tec Rec manual 3/19/2012

Seems to be a good manual to learn what Tech diving is all about. I bought this before signing up for the PADI Tech 40 class. Good: well written and humorus when it can be for a very technical book. Also very sobering when it needs to be! Bad: way too expensive. Actually, maybe thats the first lesson for Tech diving - it aint cheap!

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Apollo Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins
Rating: Apollo-Bio-Pro-XT-Adjustable-Strap-Fins heavy duty fins! 2/17/2009

Ive been using light weight, flat fins for years. Ive read about the split fin advantage but was unconvinced. I got the XT version after reading that they are stiffer than the normal split fin and that adapting to them would be easier. This turns out to be absolutely true! These are great fins and adapting to them was not a problem. Kick hard and you still get a nice push. Kick softly and you get almost as good of a push. After ten dives Im quite comfortable with them now. The only negative is that rotational control seems a bit less than with the old stiff fins, but thats a minor nit. These fins are HEAVY! ... compared to my old graphite fins. If you use ankle weights, you wont need them any more. I still need to adjust as I was finding myself bent at the waist while floating horizontal and the fin tips dragging in the sand. The steel straps are great, but not very tight. I keep hoping that I wont kick a fin off and loose it. I wear size 9 1/2 shoe and the L size is a bit loose. I think the standard plastic straps might be better since they are adjustable.

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