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IST 3D Dry Flex Snorkel
Rating: IST-3D-Dry-Flex-Snorkel Excellent Snorkel 2/16/2009

took it to hawaii last week, and it performed flawlessly while snorkeling. no water whatsoever when diving beneath the surface. purge valve worked perfect, and the swivel ball joints were a welcome feature for customer-adjustment of the angle and fit to mouth. also, the flex portion of snorkel allowed the mouthpiece to away from the mouth and out of the way of my face, when not in use. it also appeared to be larger diameter than most snorkels that i saw others wearing, which means that it passes more air than other brands, making it easier to breathe.

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IST 3D Dry Flex Snorkel
Rating: IST-3D-Dry-Flex-Snorkel Great Mask! 2/16/2009

First-use was a trip to Hawaii last week. Mask was a bit heavy on the head for snorkeling, but would be ideal for scuba. Very slight leakage around nose, but I attribute that to moustache, and occasional use of purge valve took care of the issue. Purge valve does indeed direct bubbles away from field of vision, so they did not interfere with sight. 180-degree view was excellent, and I was able to spot a barracuda lurking to the side, that I would not otherwise have seen without such a wide viewing angle. All-in-all,I rate a thumbs-up for anyone seeking a great piece of gear.

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