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Rating: 3mm Thermoprene Front Zip Shorty Wetsuit Excellent Wetsuit for Kids 9/20/2009

I bought myself a Henderson Shorty and bought this Henderson 3mm Childs Thermoprene Shorty for my 7 year old daughter. So hard to find a kidís wetsuit for 7 years old that have any real amount of thermal protection. The Henderson 3mm Thermoprene was the answer. I daughter is very comfortable with it and provides good thermal protection for a 3mm wetsuit. She plays in the sand and snorkels all day without discomfort. Another nice added value is since wetsuits are buoyant, it helps out snorkeling for extended periods of time. Overall, I recommend this wetsuit for thermal and sun protection.

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Henderson 3mm Thermoprene Front Zip Shorty Wetsuit
Rating: Henderson-3mm-Thermoprene-Front-Zip-Shorty-Wetsuit Easy access and comfortable 9/20/2009

i found the front entry zip access convenient. the thermoprene is a good combination of flexibility and warmth. i own the henderson 5mm hyperstretch too and the comfort between the 3mm thermoprene and the 5mm hyperstretch are on par. i bought the shorty for snorkeling and swimming in hawaii. i typically go to the windward side like kailua beach and usually during the winter months, so a shorty with some thermal protection will be great. in the past i used rash guards only, but with the wind, a wet rash guard gets very cold. overall henderson is a great brand for wetsuits. you cant go wrong with them. they are also one of the few brands with a good line of kids wetsuits too. my only negative comment regarding the wetsuit is that the front access zipper isnt too flattering however, im ok with it since i enjoy the easy access.

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