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Ocean Technology Surface Air Valve
Rating: Ocean-Technology-Surface-Air-Valve OTS Mantis FFM Surface Breathing Valve 2/16/2009

Pros: A must if you wish to breath on the surface without using tank-air. Easy to install, find on the surface, and use (screw/unscrew). Of the two designs of which Im familiar, the scalloped edge with rectangular breathing holes seems to be easier to use/breath from (when compared to the knurled edge/circular breathing hole variety). Cons: Cost is very high (~$150). If installing a com unit in the left port and SBV in the right port, access to the SBV could be limited by the regulator (or at least made a little more difficult).

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Ocean Technology Mantis Full Face Mask
Rating: Ocean-Technology-Mantis-Full-Face-Mask OTS Mantis FFM 2/16/2009

Pros: Mask fits well, construction seems mostly durable. Field of view seemingly increased over standard maks (that I use). Installation and use of Surface Breathing Valve and regulators very easy with provided directions. Donning and doffing of mask underwater made easy by quick release buckles on lower two (of five) straps. Anti-fog incorporated into mask lens works well. Cons: Cost of a compatible com system is high ($600-700). Some free-flow of air out through mask when head straps not adjusted. Plastic fittings for headstraps may have limited lifespan. Not sure how the silica inlet "mouthpiece" (where the regulator plugs in) will hold up after repeated assembly and dissassembly.

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Ocean Technology Mantis Full Face Mask
Rating: Ocean-Technology-Mantis-Full-Face-Mask Pinnacle 7/5mm Elite Titanium Jumpsuit Black Womens XSmall (1-2) 1/26/2009

Pros: The wetsuit is well made and lives up to the heat retention claims. Seals around the wrists and feet prevent water from making a one way trip across the body. Cons: The Pinnacle size chart is definitely off. Advise to get 1-2 sizes larger than intended unless fitting in a store. For the purchased wetsuit, the arms were tight and could benefit from zippers to facilitate entry...

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