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Rating: Reefmaster Mini Review

like the camera. easy to use underwater without being cumbersome. good value for the price. four things: 1) its worth the investment to get the wide angle lens and separate flash. it really increases the quality of the photographs. 2) its really great to have the movie option on the camera. however, be careful as you may find that you hit the movie record button (its close to the buttons you use to review pics, , etc) and burn up a lot of card space recording nothing that interests you. 3) i actually like this camera better for diving than snorkeling. close to the surface, the light makes it a little difficult to completely make sure your picture is in focused, centered, etc. although ive found this is an issue with all cameras with an lcd screen. 4) there doesnt appear a way to use a flash card larger than 1g. therefore, if youre going on a long dive pick your moments appropriately so you dont have to waste time deleting to make room for that great shot. and trust me, youll get some great pictures with this camera that youll want to have enlarged so you need to have it set to the highest quality which takes up more room on the card.

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Sealife Wide Angle Lens for Reefmaster Mini 2
Rating: Sealife-Wide-Angle-Lens-for-Reefmaster-Mini-2 Wide angle lens

This is be a standard product on all the cameras it fits. I rarely take it off, and usually regret it when I do.

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Sealife Digital Pro Flash
Rating: Sealife-Digital-Pro-Flash Digital Pro Flash Review

This flash works really well- adds a lot to the underwater pictures that you cant get from just the flash on the camera. The one problem Ive had is keeping the arm together (the piece between the base connected to the camera and the actual flash). I adjust the flash position to get the appropriate angle for whatever Im photographing. Invariably, by the end of the dive it has become loose again and I have to hold the flash. I found twist ties in multiple places down the arm solve this issue. There werent enough bands on that piece originally if youre going to be moving the arm while underwater. That being said I have recommended this flash to several of my diving photographer friends who like to take medium range shots adn dont want to break the bank to get them.

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