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Rating: Flash worked great 12/22/2008

I have a Sealife DC 600 digital camera, and dissatisfied with the range and performance of the built-in flash on a live aboard 10-2007. I bought the external flash and was very happy with the resultant pictures. During a weeklong trip to Cozumel, the part that holds the fiber optic link centered on the sensor came unglued and the flash wouldnt fire. A little bit of super glue from the dive shop fixed the problem, and the flash never malfunctioned again.

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Rating: Old Eyes 12/22/2008

After fighting it for years, I finally came to the conclusion that my near vision was making it very difficult to see my computer and camera controls underwater. These lenses restored sharp vision. If you dont know what diopter you need, go down to the local retail pharmacy and try on the various reading glasses that come in set diopters. I determined that I needed +2.0, and this was exactly right when the mask came. My only suggestion is that you only need one lens on one side (dominant eye) as it is very difficult to actually look through both right and left lenses at the same time at something close. I mainly just looked through the left lens.

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XS Scuba Metro Mask
Rating: XS-Scuba-Metro-Mask Mask worked great 12/22/2008

Just got back from Cozumel after buying this mask. Fit fine, didnt leak. Easy to adjust in and out of the water.

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