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Rating: DC800 8.0 Megapixel Camera Battery & Charger 2/1/2009

I am very happy that I bought the extra battery & the adapter charger. It is very convenient to have a spare battery charged & ready to go without having to plug in the camera or stop taking pictures. charging the depleted battery on the go in the car or boat as well as in the home while using the camera is the best way to go.

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Rating: DC800 8.0 Megapixel Camera DC800 Camera 2/1/2009

This is a very good camera & I am happy with its results. Still trying a lot of the different modes. I have noticed that some of my flash photos are quite washed out, as in too much flash. I tried different modes, ISO speeds & shooting modes, but still seems to be a very bright flash. The underwater housing is awesome & took super pictures underwater as it should. That is tghe main reason I bought this camera as I already have 2 other digital cameras, but none for underwater. There is only 1 thing that disappointed me about this camera. The little rubber boot that covers the power in & AV out ports, fell off after about 3 days & was lost. I would think that it should be attached to the camera body as most other cameras are. So far, that is my only real complaint as there is nothing to cover the opening now.

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