Scuba Gear Reviews by Hugo Solano

Rating: Tank Carrier Wow. Roomy, padded, and cheap! 7/6/2009

I bought this and it fit my camera setup (Ikelite case + S&S 27) like a glove. The logo looks good but the best part is the price. I have to keep sending other divers the link to the site because of this bag, but everyone should have one of these.

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Innovative Max-Force Retractor with Brass Swivel
Rating: Innovative-Max-Force-Retractor-with-Brass-Swivel Sturdy and strong, excellent construction. 7/6/2009

This was replacing a retractor that went limp on me. The construction is good and the tension is nice for a hose computer. It looks to be well put together.

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Scuba Tank Carrier
Rating: Scuba-Tank-Carrier Good, simple, easy to install. 7/6/2009

Carrier does what it intends. I do like that it grips, but it doesnt scratch the paint. Makes tanks easy to carry, and can slide down whn it is time to put the BCD on.

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