Scuba Gear Reviews by Russell D.

IST Classic Round Mask
Rating: IST-Classic-Round-Mask Basic mask

I found the mask easy to use, it sealed well and did not fog up when I took anti fog measures. The rubber part where it touches your upper lip and bottom of nose is hard and presses on the cartilige of the ones nose. The mask caused some discomfort, but if not strapped onto the face super tight it was not unbearable. The mask did not leak and water pressure is what keeps it sealed to your face. For the price I think it was not worth it. I sent it back and got the omni mask which I also purchased at the same time for my friend. Snorkeling with the Omni mask was much more comfortable.

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Deep See Omni Mask
Rating: Deep-See-Omni-Mask omni mask

A very comfortable mask, it seals well and great vision. I didnt know I had a two lens mask on. All masks will fog, so give a generous amount of mucous or use a leaf of a green creeping shrub that may be near where you are snorkeling. Rub this on the inside of your mask, it works well, a Hawaiian boy showed me how to do it.

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H2O Thruster Adjustable Strap Fins
Rating: H2O-Thruster-Adjustable-Strap-Fins scuba fins

Good thrust, I dove deep with these. The strap was easy on easy off Good foot room area with booty on A good fin for the price

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