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Rating: Fantastically simple.

I really like this little mask bag. My mask is small, as am I, so it fits perfectly into the bag. My snorkel lies easily on top so I dont have to take it off and on, which is a pain to do. The pocket on the side is perfect for holding the defog, that comes with it and works great. I will be investing in a larger bottle when this runs out.

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Innovative Mask Strap
Rating: Innovative-Mask-Strap Okay, but not really what Im looking for.

This came to me with absolutely no instructions. For people who have been snorkeling and diving for awhile I understand its probably a no-brainer, but I was brand new and didnt know better. I confused this item for a mask wrap, which is different. A wrap, wraps around your already existing strap to keep it from pulling your hair and having the extra flaps flapping around all over. This is what it says it is..a strap. I tried replacing my strap with this, but the velcro was too wide for my Cressi mask strap holes, and then I just didnt feel that the velcro would do me justice through several dives. If you like dealing with velcro, and want exactly what it says...a strap then it might be okay, but I put my old strap on and am investing in a strap wrap instead.

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