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Rating: Ultra Dry Mini Snorkel Great mask for small adults 10/12/2008

I like to snorkel - but Im not the best swimmer and therefore feel a little uncomfortable everytime we go. It takes me a long time to feel confident enough to let my husband (the little merman!) leave me. As soon as my mask leaks - Im done for the day! This mask fit great (I weight 95 lbs)! And I was able to build my confidence a lot faster - which meant both me and my husband have more fun. I also used the purge feature on this mask as needed - and really liked it. Ive had a mask with this before but never used it because I was too busy freaking out to figure out how to use it! I liked the hinges for adjusting the strap on the mask. They were really easy to use. My only complaint was that my hair got tangled in them easier then the typical plastic/rubber kind.

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Rating: Ultra Dry Mini Snorkel I think it works! 10/12/2008

just got back from my first trip snorkeling with this product. overall i would say it works. i wasnt really in an environment where i needed the "dry" feature - and im too much of a chicken to try going under totally under water - so i didnt really get to check it out. the only problems that i had were 1) im small (95 lbs) with a tiny mouth (my dentist always uses the kid size trays, x-rays, etc) but i didnt feel like there was enough of a mouth piece to grab onto - so i would consider the standard size 2) i had a hard time latching my mask into the fitting on side so there was one time that i was snorkeling and it fell sideways - i can tell you that it wont stay "dry" if it does this (wouldt expect it to!)!

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