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Poseidon Neoprene Mask Strap
Rating: Poseidon-Neoprene-Mask-Strap Neoprene Mask Strap 9/20/2008

I mainly look for quality and this has it. It seems to be as good as the ones that come on a new mask and threads/ adjusts just like originals. Its NOT like an after market rip off item.

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XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit
Rating: XS-Scuba-Save-A-Dive-Kit Save a dive kit 9/20/2008

This is a super kit! Has all the little extra goodies you find yourself needing as in the ad for it. The net bag it comes with is much larger than I expected and will not only hold the "kit" theres plenty of room for a lot of other goodies you might want to throw in like an extra face mask, snorkle, etc.

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Scuba Beach Towel
Rating: Scuba-Beach-Towel Beach towel 9/20/2008

If youre looking for a towel that has great scenery on it or as an advertizement, get one. Its not what Id call a "Beach" towel... size is ok but its thin and too light weight to absorb a lot of water

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500psi Mask Defog
Rating: 500psi-Mask-Defog 500psi Mask defog 9/20/2008

It certainly is better than spit however, I have yet to have it last "all day"...maybe my nose leaks to much! A good product I would recommend and only a very small amount is needed per application. The 4oz bottle should last a long time.

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