Scuba Gear Reviews by Laura Krause

Rating: Great rashguard

This rashguard is very comfortable, fits well and has great colors. I couldnt beat the price on I would recommend this rashguard by Pinnacle. Laura

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Rating: Insta Dry rocks

I bought the 7 mm insta dry for quarry diving in Ohio. I didnt get a chance to use it in the quarry but I did take it on a vacation to the Caribbean. Yea, I know, youre thinking a 7 mm in the Caribbean. I have never been able to enjoy night dives after diving all day on a liveaboard. I would get so cold and last only 30 mins. at the most. I was so miserable that I just about gave up night diving. I usually dive with a 5mm hyperstretch which is fine during the day but the night just gets to me. This suit was so toasty that I did every night dive and lasted up to 70 mins. Time limited not because I got cold but because of air. People on the boat laughed at the 7 mm in the Caribbean but when I got out of the water and took off the wetsuit I was still so warm that I could walk around the dive deck with the cool evening breeze while everyone else was scurrying for a towel and running back to their rooms to change. No water gets down into this suit even with contortionist like body movements under water. It also is dry within 15 mins. if you just hang it up and its dry instantly if you dry it with the towel that they give you. It is a little difficult to get into initially but I found wet skin to wet wetsuit is a piece of cake and after 4 wearings it didnt take much time at all to get on. For sizing, I wear a size 6 in the Henderson Hyperstretch but had to get a 9/10 in the InstaDry. It is also very comfortable. I did not find it restrictive like most 7 mm especially under water. I have no doubt that this suit will keep me very warm in the quarry and I will try it out in the spring. I also couldnt go wrong with the sale price from Thanks, Laura

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