Scuba Gear Reviews by Andy Lai

Rating: Nifty Little Light

i got this light as a part of a package, not really having any real use for it but was pleasantly suprised when it came. very bright for its size, and the mounting bracket on it is perfect for my little digi cameras housing to let me look into cracks before the flash kicks in, and as a general backup light (and for that eventual day where i my camera and have to recover it)

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Rating: Excellent Backup Light

First dive I used it on was in less than 5 foot vis diving on a wreck-even with its small size, the Torrent let me both illuminate what I needed to, and signal my buddy with no problems even when I could barely see his LED light.

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Scubamax 5-Page Wrist Dive Slate
Rating: Scubamax-5-Page-Wrist-Dive-Slate Excellent Communications Tool

Offers the writing area of a full sized slate with the compactness to be out of the way until you need it. The ablility to use either the velcro or stretch cord to hold it on allows for plenty of adjustment for comfort. Pencil holder keeps the pencil better than standard push in clips, and seems to hold the pencil together better.

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