Scuba Gear Reviews by Jereme S.

Rating: Good retractor

While it was smaller than I expected with the clips it did not work with my compass. But it was spectacular with my pressure gauge. Placement is key with these, but they keep the gear nice and tight to the BCD. Which helps when belly crawling across a reef, or ducking into a swim through.

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Sherwood Supertilt 2 Compass Module
Rating: Sherwood-Supertilt-2-Compass-Module Decent compass

Well how fun is it when half your group shoots their bearings wrong, and you are the one with the correct heading back to the island. Yep that happened recently on vacation. This compass was dead on every time I used it. However the markings could be a little clearer, but for the price its a good compass, and with the clip mount a great analog backup if you go with a digital compass on your computer.

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Oceanic Swiv Compass Clip Mount Boot
Rating: Oceanic-Swiv-Compass-Clip-Mount-Boot Great mount

This mount was excellent at bringing my rig to a minimal feel. Especially with a retractor clip. Pulling out the compass was quick and easy. It is extremely tight though, so be careful putting the compass in, once in it doesnt like to come back out. So ensure that luber line is in the right position.

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