Scuba Gear Reviews by Daniel Knowlton

Rating: Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit International Ozone Lands End Oil 8/14/2008

This product actually works. If you have ever been stung by jellies, you have tried all products from ammonia to just about anything. This product works instantly by stopping the swelling and the burning.

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500psi Wetsuit / BC Wash - Shampoo with Conditioner Cleaner
Rating: 500psi-Wetsuit---BC-Wash---Shampoo-with-Conditioner-Cleaner Innovative 500psi Wetsuit/BC Wash & Conditioner 8/14/2008

Perfect for the wetsuits.

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Henderson Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit
Rating: Henderson-Lycra-Dive-Skin-Jumpsuit Henderson Lycra Suit 8/14/2008

Awesome. Nice and thin, great for Florida waters !

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