Scuba Gear Reviews by Mark P.

Rating: Great Mask for Snorkeling with.

Rarely does a mask fit me comfortably and give me such a wide field of vision but C-4 really did the trick. The field of vision is so wide it takes a few minutes to get used to from the traditional mask. The purge works like a charm. The dive pro on the ship looked at it for some time and had a lot of questions about it. If you are snorkeling and want the widest field of vision this is the mask for you. I will be taking diving in the near future and will let you know how it reacts at depth.

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Rating: Dive Optx gives you freedom in choosing a mask

I applied these handy little jewels on my mask just like the instructions said to do and I could clearly use them to see underwater with my new mask. They gave me the freedom to choose the mask I wanted and not just the kind the dive shop sells and tells you they can put a custom lens in it for twice the money I paid for these lenses. If you have your eye on a mask but need glasses to see even under water I would recommend that you get your RX out and then order a pair.

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