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Delkin Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card
Rating: Delkin-Secure-Digital-SD-Memory-Card Essential

Add this to the price of whatever camera you are buying. Trust me, you cant live without it.

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Delkin Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card
Rating: Delkin-Secure-Digital-SD-Memory-Card Great for what it is

the good: this camera is durable. it has a sturdy encasing that allows it to be stuffed quickly into a bc pocket or accidentally ped on the reef without causing any major damage. it activates quickly and the controls are easy to navigate underwater. the camera takes about ten minutes to learn how to use and is pretty self explanatory, takes decent pics underwater and has a great video feature. for the price, it beats the hell out of buying those underwater disposable film cameras, and in the end is probably cheaper too. the bad: it says it takes pics and video in all environments, but it really is designed for the water, as the land pics i took turned out to be quite grainy and the video had a lot of visible pixels. the battery life is reliable for about one dive unless you put in some lithium batteries, in which case will last you about two full dives. there is a night mode and a flash, neither are very reliable. overall: i bought this camera on a trip to cancun so i would have something to take pics with since i knew i was going to be seeing some amazing sites. i ended up using the video mode more than the camera mode, because for some reason the camera shuts itself off when the battery gets low or the memory card fills up. i am however, glad that i bought it because some of the shots and footage i got were priceless. good purchase, good deal. its a camera that works great in well lit, underwater conditions for snapshots, buddy pics, and quicktime vids.

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