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Scubamax Line Cutter
Rating: Scubamax-Line-Cutter Does the Job

This is a handy tool for those of us who dont want to carry a dive knife on a simple off-shore snorkel, just in case (though it of course doesnt fit as snugly as a dive knife, either!). It comes with spare blades, has an easy-to-thread hole to tie it onto a belt or lanyard, and the handle is notched to make it less likely to fumble in an emergency. I felt safer having it with me.

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Scubamax Line Cutter
Rating: Scubamax-Line-Cutter Especially good as Flotation Device

i took this one snorkeling with me off lauderdale by the sea. while the hook provided was hard to get latched, it was better than a different latch i tried (which let it escape briefly in the wavesnot fun!). because of its lower height than many marker buoys, it probably isnt as good for visibility in choppy surf luckily, the sea was very calm that day, and it did fine. it proved particularly useful when my swim-partner kept lingering as i, spent, was trying to get her back toward shore, and i overdid it i was able to rest holding onto the buoy as a flotation device until she caught up! i particularly liked how easy this was to pack, and adding water to the bottom chamber kept it positioned right in the water the whole time. good product. i left mine behind for some different snorkelers, but will probably get another of these next year when i go out again.

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