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Rating: Bifocal Opt Lens Left Works fine at depth, but not rated for scuba 10/11/2008

bought it as cheap backup for dive computer failure. it works fine and has been down to 38m. it is rated to 100m, but the booklet then warns you that it is not for scuba use for this you need the 300m model, not apparently sold by

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XS Scuba Surface Marker Buoy.(SMB)
Rating: XS-Scuba-Surface-Marker-Buoy.SMB Robust large DSMB 10/11/2008

Very visible compared to smaller DSMB. Very good design and roll-up mechanism. Big lift, so be careful when inflating not to get dragged up too!

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Scubamax Bifocal Opt Lens Left
Rating: Odyssey-Bifocal-Opt-Lens-Left Mixed results 10/11/2008

i would caution people not to expect too much or to be aware that above and underwater needs can vary. i use +2.5 reading lenses on the surface and hoped the +2.5 s would help in reading gauges and wrist computer. they dont really, and the line resulting from the ion doesnt help either. i will probably put the original lenses (which they send to you) back in.

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