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Mares 2mm Low Top Medium Sole Equator Dive Boots
Rating: Mares-2mm-Low-Top-Medium-Sole-Equator-Dive-Boots Snorkel Booties

It was two days before our 2 week vacation to Hawaii when my package from arrived. I wasnt sure about these booties when they arrived because they were all about function and not much on fashion. I had already purchased another pair of booties from a local retailer before my saleman at Scuba.Com suggested I try these. When they arrived my husband (an ex Navy diver) explained how these booties were made to fit inside my fins with no bunching or rubbing around the ankle, unlike the other booties I had bought. The sole was flexible enough to allow full movement while inside the fins. Also, when I was out of my fins and just in the booties, they fit so snuggly to my feet that I could grip the rocks in the water and not slip and slide. I never had to fear I would step on something or scrape my feet on coral. Putting on and taking off my fins over the booties were a breeze. They are especially helpful when we were trekking out over rocks or down an embankment to get to that perfect spot where no one else was snorkeling. I never knew that having a true "snorkel bootie" would make so much difference. Just one more thing to push the self confidence meter a little higher when you are going snorkeling.

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Mares 2mm Low Top Medium Sole Equator Dive Boots
Rating: Mares-2mm-Low-Top-Medium-Sole-Equator-Dive-Boots Oceanic snorkel

Two weeks snorkeling in Hawaii and this snorkel was great!! As a novice snorkeler (when we arrived) I easily transitioned to a more daring and bold adventurer during our trip, with the knowledge that my snorkel would not allow those pesky ocean waves to swamp my snorkel. From the north shore of Oahu to all of the West beaches of Maui, snorkeling during an ocean kayaking trip (where we swam with the sea turtles!) the crater at Molikini.... my snorkel stayed dry. I had the confidence to venture further than ever before, leaving the crowds behind. My husband is an experienced (ex-Navy) diver and he was a little surprised at how daring I had become with my new best friend. I gained so much confidence being in the ocean, I actually went on a snuba trip at Molikini!! (where the tanks stay on top of the water... ) This snorkel made a huge difference for me and my ability to enjoy being in the water, getting up close and personal with the sea life. It is absolutely worth the extra few dollars for hours of confidence while snorkeling.

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