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Scuba Gear Reviews by Jerry L.

XS Scuba 7mm Pyrostretch Heavy Duty Dive Boots
Rating: XS-Scuba-7mm-Pyrostretch-Heavy-Duty-Dive-Boots Best Boots so far. 10/4/2011

I got some of these boots for my wife a few years ago to get rid of the zipper that always leaks in a little cold water and had her coming out of dives with numb feet. They worked great for her and an added benefit was the hard sole made it easier on her to enter/exit on the rocky Lake Superior shores. This year I got tired of the thin soles on the zipper-less boots that I had and bought a pair of the XS SCUBA Pyrostretch boots for myself. What a difference! I can now walk out like a man rather than gingerly picking my way through the rocks to get out to water deep enough to put on the fins. These are a great buy for anyone doing rough shore entries in cold water.

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XS Scuba 7mm Pyrostretch Heavy Duty Dive Boots
Rating: XS-Scuba-7mm-Pyrostretch-Heavy-Duty-Dive-Boots Good suit, but be thorough adjusting the neck. 8/30/2011

I have had this suit out in Lake Superior half a dozen times in the last few weeks. We have been diving areas where the water temperature has been in the mid to high 60s F, so it has not yet proven itself in cold water. It has a Velcro closure on the neck seal that tends to let a little water leak in if not adjusted just right. I ordered the size where I fell in the middle of all the ranges of the Pinnacle size chart and find that it could be a little longer to get a better seal between suit, boots and gloves. The zippers at the ankles also have a tendency to unzip about an inch during the dive, although I have yet to feel any water infiltration from this. I have not felt cool or uncomfortable even after 2 and 1/2 hours in the water with this suit, but I dont get cold easily.

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