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XS Scuba Folding Wetsuit Hanger
Rating: XS-Scuba-Folding-Wetsuit-Hanger Hang out! 7/10/2008

The XS Scuba Folding Wetsuit Travel hanger is ideal for its size but a little cumbersome with the wide hook. The compactness of the hanger fits well into small backpacks and duffles. The hook can mount to a bar or the back of a door (with some interference, if you need to close the door) or most anywhere you can get a place to hang the suit up appropriately but the nearly inch wide hook can be a problem in tight spots. It is a strong assembly that will hold up the soggiest mess but not real well if the neck of the suit is not closed fully or is designed like a Farmer John with a open, tank top style front. If you are on the go, with limited space in your gear bag, and need something to hang the suit up to dry out well, this will work with some minor management.

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XS Scuba Folding Wetsuit Hanger
Rating: XS-Scuba-Folding-Wetsuit-Hanger Creek Surfing 7/10/2008

Ever boogie board in a creek? Hows about Clear Creek in Golden, CO? The Akona by Sherwood 7mm Titanium jumpsuit is fantastic, in water temperatures that average around 50 degrees in the summer, in one of Colorados best rated kayak and recreational waterways. Though most folks will get by with 3mm, the 7mm I found was best in overall insulation from the cold and was still quite mobile despite the density. Once the fit was correct and a little patience is needed with the womens suit, the Akona performed well. The reinforced knee area is a plus in the rocky bed of the creek but wearing knee and shin protection is always recommended in these areas. Dont let a little cold water spoil your fun, get the Titanium womens jumpsuit, your flippers, your helmet, your board and ride!

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