Scuba Gear Reviews by Geoffrey H.

Oceanic Viper Adjustable Strap Fins
Rating: Oceanic-Viper-Adjustable-Strap-Fins Very Nice 08/17/2008

great thrust and maneuverability. the straps have a tendency to slip off my heels if im kicking really hard - not something you would do with normal use. might be the fault of my booties anyway. comfortable although the is a little hard. superb for the money.

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Genesis Surf Snorkel
Rating: Genesis-Surf-Snorkel OK 08/17/2008

The design doesnt look like it would work we in rough water but I havent tried that myself. I find the angle of the mouth piece a little uncomfortable and my biggest complaint is that when I clear it there is still water in the tube - no matter how forcefully I blow. Not much but enough to be really uncomfortable when you come up - out of air - clear - take a deep breath - and suck in a thimble of water.

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