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Scuba Gear Reviews by James McCarthy

XS Scuba Deluxe 50lb Lift Bag
Rating: XS-Scuba-Deluxe-50lb-Lift-Bag Rescue 6/14/2009

my wife laughed when i bought the bag. i am the mcgyver of the water. the first dive after i bought the bag, i was on a private boat dive. one of the divers was a single amputee. whiel removing his weights to get out of the water and onto the boat, he ped his weight pouch. hes a big guy and there was about 22 pounds in each pouch. the boat was in 60 feet of water and and vis was about 20. i did my instructor proud and employed my grid search recovering the weight belt. he caught me as i was filling the bag and added another belt from his pouch. with a total of about 32 pounds we began the lift. the ascent was a bit difficult to control, but there is a bladder that traps the air inside. so if you lose control you can let go of it and it wont tip over and expel all the air. the draw back is it tend to hold in a lot of water as well. overall great bag i liked it a lot and it came in really handy.

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XS Scuba Deluxe 50lb Lift Bag
Rating: XS-Scuba-Deluxe-50lb-Lift-Bag Tested 6/14/2009

Extremely loud above the water. Almost too loud. Below the water its a little light. The duck alert system works better. Overall a decent product. I would recomend this product for purchase

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