Scuba Gear Reviews by Burton O.

ScubaPro MK25 / A700 Regulator System
Rating: ScubaPro-MK25---A700-Regulator-System Top of the line 08/26/2012

If youre researching top of the line regulators, you have to consider ScubaPro and this is their best. It reminds me of their 2nd stage regulators from the late 80s with all the chrome. Its very light and well built. A huge step up from mid-grade regulators, its the easiest breathing regulator Ive owned and Ive been diving for over 20 years. is an excellent company - the best online store as far as Im concerned. You get manufacturers warranties and no gray-market products like LeisurePro sells.

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Scuba Mask Bag with Defog
Rating: Scuba-Mask-Bag-with-Defog Nice bag 08/26/2012

Nice bag to carry your mask. The defog works well.

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ScubaPro Orbit Frameless Mask
Rating: ScubaPro-Orbit-Frameless-Mask Great mask 08/26/2012

A real bargain for a frameless mask. If youve never owned a frameless mask, you should give it a try. Low volume and extremely comfortable, but best of all - the largest viewing area of any other style masks.

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Mares Puck Air / Nitrox Integrated Computer with Compass
Rating: Mares-Puck-Air---Nitrox-Integrated-Computer-with-Compass Excellent computer 08/26/2012

I bought one of these for myself and one for my wife. This is my 4th computer (been diving for 20+ years) and I can easily say its the most robust, lightest and most useful computer Ive owned. has been an outstanding company. I used to order from LeisurePro but I often got products that had obviously been opened and perhaps used and returned. I also received factory defective equipment too. has always sent me well packaged, sealed, factory-fresh equipment.

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