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Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease
Rating: Lubrication-Technology-Christo-Lube-Oxygen-Grease Perfect Lube...a must for a save-a-dive kit!

Small 2 ounce tube size container of the recommended MCG111 part number lube for equipment being used with higher mixtures of oxygen (Nitrox) or technical diving air mixtures. A very small amount goes a long way for lubricating O-rings, gaskets, and seals. This stuff is 100 times better than regular silicone because it lasts longer and does not break down with heat or the climate. Plus, silicone is NOT recommended on diving equipment that uses higher percentage of oxygen mixtures. Silicone and higher mixtures of oxygen when combined can present real hazards. I purchased this product when I had to replace O-rings in my regulator hoses, dive computer quick disconnects, and other miscellaneous uses. The small tube fits easily into any save-a-dive kit. Use this product sparingly, it does the trick. Every diver should have this product in their save-a-dive kit. delivered this product in 3 days and it works great, no problems whatsoever. My local dive shop does not carry this product, is the only internet vendor that I found who carries this product. Way to go!

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Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease
Rating: Lubrication-Technology-Christo-Lube-Oxygen-Grease A True Back, Hand, & Shoulder Saver

This scuba tank carrier is one of the most innovated carriers I have seen on the market. I would like to shake the person’s hand that invented this product. It assists in carrying the tank and it relieves stress caused in the lifter’s back, hands, and shoulders when carrying air tanks the old fashioned way. This carrier is very durable, lightweight and easy to use when carrying the air tank to a filling station, vehicle, or even storage. The real secret or trick in using this carrier is to cinch down the straps as tight as you can before use! Once the carrier is on the air tank, leave it on the tank and position the carrier straps so they do not interfere with the BC back plate and tank strap(s). The two stainless steel friction D-rings make cinching to any size tank quick and easy. The formed rubber handle is comfortable and provides extra grip for those that have wet/dry hands. This carrier is cheaper than the ones in my local dive shop. The only “con” is the excess strap material after cinching the carrier to the air tank. I plan on modifying both of my carriers by adding Velcro to the excess strapping material. I have used this product for three months and have had no problems with these carriers. NOTE: Always ensure that the strapping is cinched securely to the air tank before lifting/carrying. I bought two of these for my wife and me. Awesome product!

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Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease
Rating: Lubrication-Technology-Christo-Lube-Oxygen-Grease Deep extra pocket on thigh

This adds an extra pocket for your diving needs besides using your BCD pockets (if you have any on your BCD). It is deep enought to hold instructor dive slates, lightweight gloves, and misc dive items. This pocket allows the diver quick and easy access to stowed gear while on a dive. Instead of searching for items in BCD pockets or carabiners. It has a lanyard inside the pocket to secure things from floating out when pocket is opened. The top strap connects to a D-ring on the bottom of the BCD and has a clip for easy removal. The pocket flap has a velcro closure. The drawbacks for this prodcut are thigh pocket does slide a bit while being worn on the leg and there is excess strap material when the straps are tightened. I did not cut my strap material, due to wearing thicker wetsuits. I may sew extra Velcro to the straps to keep them out of the way. If you need extra pocket space for misc dive items, then this pocket may work for you.

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