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Mares Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)
Rating: Mares-Surface-Marker-Buoy-SMB Mares Surface Marker Buoy

Negatives - seems shorter than regular safety sausages (maybe because its a surface marker primarily). Maybe only 5 feet long? A bit heavy to carry around in your BC because of the magnetic closure at the bottom of the tube. Thick plastic and straps make this a durable-seeming product. Carrying case is handy too.

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Trident L.E.D. Light Stick
Rating: Trident-L.E.D.-Light-Stick Promate L.E.D. Light Stick

Get one of these rather than use disposable glo sticks (which FYI have been BANNED in Bonaire - you are forced to use a usable light stick instead). Very easy to use and comes in different colors so you can stand out in a crowd. Inexpensive, so for even better visibility, use 2 or 3 sticks to really stand out.

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Innovative Large Quest Slate
Rating: Innovative-Large-Quest-Slate Quest Slate (large)

The pen/pencil thingy doesnt stay in the slot very well (keeps coming out and flying around, getting tangled in your equipment) but the slate itself works very well. Large surface area so you can write a message to your buddy and they can see it from pretty far away. Only negative is that the slate does take up a lot of room (when attached to the side of your BC), and getting the slate in and out of the holster can be a bit of a pain. Still better than any other slate Ive used in the past and a must have for any dive...especially if your buddy is bad with hand signals.

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