Scuba Gear Reviews by Jerrod H.

Seacure Hi-Flow Custom Regulator Mouthpiece
Rating: Seacure-Hi-Flow-Custom-Regulator-Mouthpiece Big Difference for Little Money 6/12/2008

These custom mouthpieces are easy to mold and attach and they make a huge difference in your diving comfort. Its definitely worth the money.

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Trident Silicone Pump Spray
Rating: Trident-Silicone-Pump-Spray Best Gear Preserver 6/12/2008

Once I was turned onto food grade silicon spray, I havent used any other type of cleaner / protectant on my gear. Since it is food grade, you can spray this on all your gear and not worry about getting it in your eyes or irritating your skin. All other products that Ive seen have an irritation warning or a flamable warning. Plus, it is a pump so you can fly with it and not worry about a pressurized cylinder. Its Armor All for your SCUBA gear!

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