Scuba Gear Reviews by James E.

Trident Zipper Wax
Rating: Trident-Zipper-Wax Slide with Ease

I cant say enough about how well these sticks of wax glade so easily across your zipper. As you lightly go across it, it forms a grove which keeps you on line as you wax your zipper. There is no mess, no excessive loss of wax, and no build up. Your zipper will thank you for using this product.

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Bare 7mm Elastek Super-Stretch Drysuit Hood
Rating: Bare-7mm-Elastek-Super-Stretch-Drysuit-Hood Worm and Snuggly

WOW! If you dont have one, you are headed for a brain freeze. At 57, you lose a lot of heat from your head, especially if you have thinning hair. If all the hoods I have, this is the one I would recommend to every one. May be it is the inner lining or just the way it fits, but it kept my head warm while I was diving in water that the surface temperature was 42 degrees. I spent all most an hour underwater trying to find and retrieve my neighbors shotgun he lost while duck hunting in about 22 feet of water. there would have been no way for me to have stayed down that long had it not been for this hood.

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Bare Trek Boots
Rating: Bare-Trek-Boots Stepping In

"These boots were made for walking!" I have used these boots to walk on snow, sludge, and clay into the water, and have not slipped once. The back lip on the heel holds your fins in place and gives you a peace of mind while you are sculling. Also the front strap gives you an extra feeling of support as well as hiding your laces so that they do not get caught on twigs or branches while diving in ponds and lakes. Most importantly, I they come off with ease as you remove them while still in your dry suit, and cleaning them is a breeze.

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