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XS Scuba Folding Wetsuit Hanger
Rating: XS-Scuba-Folding-Wetsuit-Hanger Must have for travel 5/13/2009

In Key Largo, we dove with a small shop and they had no place for our gear. We had to take it back to the hotel each day. This wetsuit hanger was perfect. Folded easily to pack - light weight but strong. The hook rotates so you can hang it anywhere. It has two front hooks to hang booties, gloves or hood. Like having a portable drying rack in your suitcase!

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XS Scuba MIFLEX Braided Regulator Hose
Rating: XS-Scuba-MIFLEX-Braided-Regulator-Hose Great safety purchase 5/13/2009

The hose fit my octopus with no problem - screwed right on at both ends. The flexible thin hose tucks away in one of my BC rungs easily and comes free with a pull so supplying air to a buddy is no problem. I bought this in preparation to take the wreck diving course. The 5 foot length is long enough to supply air easily with an extra measure of safety and maneuverability, but not the 7 or 10 foot length that cave divers use, being too long for my recreational use. Well worth the investment.

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XS Scuba MIFLEX Braided Regulator Hose
Rating: XS-Scuba-MIFLEX-Braided-Regulator-Hose Passport Passes 6/11/2008

The bag has lots of room and compartments. Nice heavy zippers throughout. The bag opens like a book with top and bottom compartments. The bottom compartment holds all scuba gear and the zippered inner cover for the bottom compartment has two large pockets for soft goods like socks, etc. There is a removable dry bag included. The top compartment has all zippered mesh on the inside so you can see what you packed. On the outside - these mesh compartments can be accessed easily with three separate zippered openings - good for getting to things easily - but bad if you like to lock all openings to your bag. The main zipper does secure the lower compartment completely. Looks good on the outside and rolls easily. The outer straps make it easy to lift.

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