Scuba Gear Reviews by George H.

Genesis Surf Snorkel
Rating: Genesis-Surf-Snorkel In the beginning, there was water in your snorkel 06/02/2008

i used my snorkel more for snorkeling than for diving it worked great. whenever a little water got in my snorkel, i was able to use the purge to clear it out easily. however, when large amounts of water got into the snorkel (e.g., after diving to get a better look at the fauna 6 below) i found myself resorting to the tried and true whale-spout method.

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Scubamax Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag
Rating: Scubamax-Mask--Fin---Snorkel-Backpack-Bag Sturdy and convenient 06/02/2008

i brought the bag on several dives in hawaii. it worked beautifully for holding my mask, fins, booties, snorkel, keys, and dive logs (i used a separate dry bag to hold my towel and clothes). one of the best parts about the bag is that theres a hole at the bottom of the bag that lets the water and sand drain out of the bottom without having to turn the bag upside down. the mesh at the top of the fin-holding portion of the bag also helps let the fins dry out during the trip back after diving. one note though, the bag only holds one set of finsim not sure how anyone got them to hold two sets.

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Mares 2mm Low Top Medium Sole Equator Dive Boots
Rating: Mares-2mm-Low-Top-Medium-Sole-Equator-Dive-Boots Great for tropical waters w/heel-less fins. 06/02/2008

i took these booties out to hawaii where i did a number of dives (including several deep dives and a night dive). the boots kept my feet warm during the deep dives and the night dive without cooking my feat during the day dives. the hard soles also served as solid protection for my heels on my wreck dives. great value for the money great for tropical waterseven at 128 feet/42 meters.

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500psi Mask Defog
Rating: 500psi-Mask-Defog great stuffso worth it! 06/02/2008

Ive had problems with my mask fogging in the past, but each time I applied the defogger before a dive, its worked perfectly. The defogger definitely works better than the stuff they use on some dive boats (watered-down baby shampoo), which only manage to hold off the fog briefly. For anyone who has problems with his mask fogging during a dive, I highly recommend the 500psi Mask Defog.

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Scuba Mask Strap Wrapper
Rating: Scubamax-Mask-Strap-Wrapper No more hair pulling 06/02/2008

as a diver with closely cropped hair, ive struggled repeatedly with having my hair caught in the scuba straps! luckily for me, the scuba strap wrapper was included as a free item with my mask, fin, snorkel set. with the scuba strap wrapper, ive since experienced the joys of diving without having to worry about the hair-pulling that follows a dive. but seriously, as a guy w/short hair, the strap has worked wellbut that would not qualify me to speak to the effectiveness of the strap for a person with long hair.

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CSP Hammerhead Shark T-Shirt
Rating: CSP-Hammerhead-Shark-T-Shirt Cool looking free shirt 06/02/2008

As a person who is willing to wear free t-shirts (and thus serve as a walking billboard, essentially for free), I rather like the t-shirt. The hammerhead looks pretty cool, and the t-shirt is pretty simple. I just wish it came in different colors. But seeing as how the shirt was free, Ill not complain.

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H2O Alpha 2 Mask
Rating: H2O-Alpha-2-Mask Good value for the price 06/02/2008

as a new diver, i purchased the h2o alpha 2 mask as part of a package. initially, i was a little afraid that theyd be too smal for my face (im decidedly not 60lbs), but after having dove 7 times with them, i have decided that they do hold up pretty well. if theres anything that i could be said not to like about the mask is that the silicon under the nose piece seems a bit short on every dive, ive had a wet nosebut its nothing that really bothered me. then again, considering that i was diving in the tropical waters of hawaii, im not so sure how pleased ill be with a wet nose diving in colder waters.

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H2O Thruster Adjustable Strap Fins
Rating: H2O-Thruster-Adjustable-Strap-Fins Good Introduction Fins 06/02/2008

As a new diver, I decided to purchase a dive package that included the H2O Thruster Adjustable Fins. I took them out for some dives in Hawaii, where they worked pretty well. I was a little concerned about the plastic heel strap, initially, but it seems to have held up just fine. All in all, Im glad I made the purchase.

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