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ONeill 1mm Explore Kevlar Diving Gloves
Rating: ONeill-1mm-Explore-Kevlar-Diving-Gloves The perfect gift for your snorkeling buddies.

i like to snorkel off the nj coast, and im getting pretty good at grabbing crabs for dinner. now and then i get pinched by the bigger crabs, so i bought this set of 1mm gloves to even the odds. they also came in handy when a swimming partner ped his wedding ring in barnegat bay and i scooped through endless much to find it. too many jerks tossing litter overboard means you run a risk of cuts and infection, so having a set of gloves can come in real handy (no pun intended).

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Scuba Divers Baseball Cap
Rating: Scuba-Divers-Baseball-Cap Wish it came in a lighter color, but its a GREAT boat hat.

Comfortable and adjustable, this had is great to have on board, especially if you forget your sunglasses. It has an extra long bill to keep the sun out. Nice diver design, too!

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Scuba Divers Baseball Cap
Rating: Scuba-Divers-Baseball-Cap When it HAS to stay dry!

I like to buy nice things, and so when my last TUMI wallet got soaked while I was playing rail meat on my friends sailboat, I was very upset. An $85 wallet junked due to sea water damage. Now I keep my wallet, key wallet, glasses, cel phone and other necessaries in this dry box so that nothing happens to them. There are plenty of sizes to choose from, and they are built to take a beating. Dry to a depth of 50-feet, I now go boating with the security knowing my "dry" stuff will stay DRY!

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Scuba Divers Baseball Cap
Rating: Scuba-Divers-Baseball-Cap Great construction and nice design.

wow! can this bag hold it all! i dont scuba (just snorkel), but i have a lot of gear i take along with me on my friends sailboat. two towels, fins, mask, snorkel, dry box, book to read, lotions, etc., etc., and so on. its great to have all my gear in one bag so i can grab-and-go at the of a hat. if i owned my own boat, maybe i wouldnt need it, but i am often invited out with friends, so having everything "grabbable" is really great. im certain this bag will last and last, as it is stitched together with a vengeance.

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Scuba Beach Towel
Rating: Scuba-Beach-Towel Superb value for the money.

Its not as thick and fluffy as other towels you can buy, but when you consider (1) the price, and (2) the gorgeous design, its a great value to have on hand, either as your primary towel or a back-up in case you head out for another swim. My only regret is I didnt buy two, as an extra towel is always nice to offer your swim partner after the wind blwos theirs overboard!

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel-White-Silicone Not 100% dry, but easily the finest snorkel I have ever used!

the hype: its 100% dry! (no, it isnt) the reality: its 99.764% dry (im guessing here). all there is to say about a snorkel is how comfortable it is to use and how dry it stays. well, this snorkel is as comfortable as they get and the random incidents where a or two will slip into it are paltry when you consider how effective it is overall in keeping water out of your mouth. you can easily find snorkels for less money, but after having used several models and gargeling with sea water on a regular basis, i opted to fork over the $$$ and get something that was designed to work as well as possible. and this snorkel is absolutely the best on the market. you wont regret the purchase.

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