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Rating: Goal Reached

I purchased this rash gaurd for sun protection. It worked great! My child was able to play in the ocean and pool for most of the day and no sunburn. I was especially pleased when we went snorkling and was able to not use sun screen that is harmful to ocean life! That is a major goal reached and a great purchase. I highly recommend rash guards for all water fun of all ages.

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Henderson 17oz Superior Polyolefin Dive Skin Jumpsuit
Rating: Henderson-17oz-Superior-Polyolefin-Dive-Skin-Jumpsuit Great Dive Skin

I am very pleased with this dive skin. The spine pad is not just on the spine, it is also extended across the lower back allowing for more comfort from the tanks. The knee pads are also a plus. Generally one does not come into contact with coral or other sea life, however there is always that occasional event, and it is a great added protection. The skin also kept me warm, as I tend to get cold fast. I recomend this product for all divers. I was also surprised with the very reasonable price.

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