Scuba Gear Reviews by Hallie H.

XS Scuba Goby Full Foot Fins
Rating: XS-Scuba-Goby-Full-Foot-Fins XS Scube Goby Full Foot Fins

These fins are perfect for snorkeling. They are fairly large so you get alot of ride for a little effort. But they are still lightweight and very comfortable. They are so soft that I didnt have any blisters or irritation, even on the first day I used them. They also came with a handy net bag with shoulder strap. All in all, a perfect choice.

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Henderson Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit
Rating: Henderson-Lycra-Dive-Skin-Jumpsuit Henderson Lycra Dive Skin

This dive skin was wonderful. Lightweight and comfortable, it keeps you slightly warm and sunburn-free while snorkeling for hours. It also protects from jellyfish and scraped knees and elbows in the shallows. I wore it under a shorty wetsuit on long outings and by itself for shorter ones. Highly recommend!

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