Scuba Gear Reviews by Jason B.

Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel The best thing for a beginner! 6/17/2008

i bought this for my wife, who has snorkeled but once before this purchase. bless her heart, shed go out there like a trooper, but everytime id look back at her, her head was out of the water, gasping for air! not with this snorkel now she kicks around the ocean without a care in the world.

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XS Scuba Fusion Mask
Rating: XS-Scuba-Fusion-Mask Nothing but the best. 6/17/2008

I have tried and tried to find a mask that would take the place of my SCUBAPRO trivent, and I have finally found it! This mask is soft, and yet doesnt bend in the currents. And better than that, the purge and soft black style is perfect for low-vis and spearfishing applications... all at a fraction of the cost for many other masks.

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Scuba. Mask Slap Wrap with Buckle Straps
Rating: Scuba.-Slap-Wrap-with-Buckle-Straps No more tangles 6/17/2008

The slap strap works, I love it. Everytime I put it on I am reminded of how I used to get my hair ripped out. No hair loss anymore!

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