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Submersible Systems Spare Air Travel Pack
Rating: Submersible-Systems-Spare-Air-Travel-Pack Security and the TSA

If you travel and dive like I do the travel bag is a handy item to have. It allows you to break down the "Spare Air" unit store the pieces in seperate bags ( to keep everything clean) and when checked by the authorities, an easy and visible why to see what the item is. Also with a couple of brouchers in the bag it makes it pretty obvious what the cylinder is used for. You also get spare O" rings which are essential.Great idea and a must have

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Submersible Systems Mini Pressure Gauge For Spare Air
Rating: Submersible-Systems-Mini-Pressure-Gauge-For-Spare-Air Under Pressure

"Spare Air" pressure gauge should be part of your total "spare air" package. Easy install, easy to read and a must have. The gauge allows a quick confirmation that the tank is filled and ready to go at all times.

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Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack
Rating: Submersible-Systems-Spare-Air-Pack Spare Air Essentials

Just bought the spare air kit and took it on a dive trip the the VIs and Bonaire. What a great security feeling. I have all the confidence with my gear and the spare air gives me that extra level of assurance. Easy to transport, easier to fill, quality construction and best of all a level of safety. With new weight regulation about to take effect with the airlines and scuba gear being considered as bagage divers will be forced to rely some what on dive shop rental gear. The "Spare Air" will provide that extra level of safety.

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