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Seacure Hi-Flow Custom Regulator Mouthpiece
Rating: Seacure-Hi-Flow-Custom-Regulator-Mouthpiece Seacure Hi-Flow custom Mouth piece 4/16/2008

When using my old mouth piece may jaw would be come tired and it was hard to maintain a good bit on my mouth piece. After forming the mouth peice to my bit it dont get tired at all.

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Innovative Scuba.Com Deluxe Mouse Pad
Rating: Innovative-Scuba.Com-Deluxe-Mouse-Pad Mouse Pad 4/16/2008

I have my "New Scuba.Com" mouse pad at work, really helps me to remember why I go to work everyday. It is so i can enjoy my passion of scuba diving

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Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus 2 Gauge Guard
Rating: Oceanic-Datamax-Pro-Plus-2-Gauge-Guard Datamax Pro Guard 4/14/2008

i felt that these covers were well worth the money to protect the clear read out on my computer. it did not adhere the first time i applied it. i tried again only i added a of dish soap and it stuck like hell. there wer no instruction for the install.

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