Scuba Gear Reviews by jody bakker

Rating: leg and endurance builder

My 11 year old son uses these in the wintertime in the pool to build up his legs for diving in the summer. they work great for him since he is overweight, this helps him alot

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Rating: the keeper

this is a nice product for my lift bags, marker buoys and ive even used it for my spare air(only when solo diving). It doesnt attatch how i would like it to since i already use a cumberbun bad attatched to my bc. Someone needs to make a chest pocket with a double cuff below the chest pucket. Still, it is a nice accesory for carrying items when doing recon or salvage

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Rating: number one cold water diving gloves

i have used 5 mil gloves for a few years. i am to stubborn to use the dry gloves, mostly because i like to be efficient. in montana, diving in the winter means 33 to 34 degree water. my hands usually get cold in the 5 mil gloves. i tried the henderson gloves and oh my, i kept waiting to feel the cold, and it just didnt happen. my hands stayed warm and seemed to stay dry with the goldcore lining. a superior product.

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Scubamax Reel
Rating: Scubamax-Reel The reel thing

I have used this alot for searcging circle grids, sending me diver down marker to the surface, and sending markers to the surface. Its very compacr and the string is always where i know it wont tangle and respools easilt. It is definitely the real thing.

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Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack
Rating: Submersible-Systems-Spare-Air-Pack my dive buddy

this is an exceptional item. i do about 90 percent of my dives solo. i know this goes against many of the guidlineds of scuba, but in my situation, this is what works for me. rememberself rescue. i have not needed the spair air yet, and hope i never do. my wife feels better about me going out and so do some of the instructors i am friends with. this is just such a great item, not just for you, but for any other divers that need help. probably the best insurance one can take underwater with them besides common sense,and proper maintenance.

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