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Rating: Hyperstretch Titanium Gloves thes log book page s are a little too narrow 10/10/2008

these log book s are about 1/2 inch more narrow that the padi s or the padi training manuals. this isnt a big deal since the s contain all of the same information for dive profiles and associted information. however, when youre on a boat in choppy seas, the extra half inch of page width would be nice to have because youre writing larger letters to write the log.

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Scuba Deluxe Log Book
Rating: Scuba-Deluxe-Log-Book Dexluxe Log Book is tight! 10/10/2008

If youve ever had a log book sitting on a seat or in a bag stuffed under the seat, you know that someone will either sit on it or some wave will splash onto it. A waterproog Log Book is the answer. This one will handle splashes and wetsuits just fine. The outside is waterproof with a tight zipper. I havent dunked it in water, but I did take it out into the channel between Maui and Molakai with 8 swells splasing over the boat and I had no wet page problems. Even better, a typical Logo Log Book cost between $30 -$35 and this one is a lot less.

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Scuba Deluxe Log Book
Rating: Scuba-Deluxe-Log-Book Warm Hands, Cool Gloves 10/28/2007

I recently purchased the Titanium Hyperstretch gloves for two days of diving in Monterey, California. The water temperature was 54 degrees and I needed enough dexterity to release and connect the air hose to my dry suit. The Hyperstretch gloves gave me both the warmth and finger mobility to handle the the dry suit connection without any problems.

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