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Rating: Extremely happy

I had an old Bioflex BC that needed replacing so I replaced it with the new Probe LX. I am very happy with this BC and have no complaints about it.

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Mares Sten Mini Rigged Speargun..
Rating: Mares-Sten-Mini-Rigged-Speargun.. Extremely pleased

i was pleasantly surprised when i recieved this speargun today. a few things for novice speargunners (like myself): - as youve seen this gun is operated pnumatically. however this doesnt mean that you have to "pump it" like a pellet gun every shot - the chamber is internal and it works much like a pogo stick works - so you push in the spear to "charge" up the pressure and lock the spear into place. a pump is included in the event that you begin to lose pressure over time. - assembly: the directions are vague - it is made in italy so for the english reader the instructions are not that good. however, i will try to let you know about the assembly. the first step is to assemble the line to the gun and the arrow. first, tie it off to the tip of the gun and second you place the arrow in the very end of the gun - your first instinct is to push in the arrow and you will find that there is considerable resistance. this is not necessary (and dangerous since youre not used to the gun yet). what you need to do is just let the line retaining ring on the spear slide to the base of the spear near the tip of the gun (which sits above the spring and a metal washer). before you tie off to the spear with the line youll need to the rubber "o" ring - which is called the shock reducer. the idea here is to tie off to separate ends of the o ring with the line but to leave about 4 inches of spare line in between the knots. after youve done this properly you will notice two things: 1) you can pull the line on the spear end and the o ring will stretch without making the line taught between the two knots and 2) you can then tie it off to the spear where the line will remain taut and hold itself into place because of the o ring stretching and holding the line taught. ( if you cant figure this out email me at ra9386(@t)yahoo(d0t)com ). after that all that is left to do is find an extra bit of string somewhere and tie off to the charging handle - the charging handle will then slide into the butt of the gun and the line will hang out so that you can easily retrieve it from inside the butt - thats it! theres no assembling the pump, etc. other things: the gun has a good weight, not too heavy but still a solid feel. the whole assembly is a nice short length and has open "iron" sites like a normal pistol would. the length of the line is more than enough for the speargun. the full range of the gun, arrow and line, with the arm extended is probably close to 12 feet. all in all im pleased with what ive received. im looking forward to testing it out next week.

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