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Rating: a little wide

i tried two sizes of this fin and although i am sure it performs well, sadly the tow box of both was too wide in both sizes. (yes sports fans, with booties on). ALso i wasnt real sure about the strap which would be great to flip down when taking the fin off, but which TO ME, could rotate down while finning. I could be wrong, i never got to try this fin. Liked the length of the blade very much though.

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Rating: Loved this suit!

ok-not to be overly girlie, but lets face it, most wetsuits perform about the same. This one was great-not confining at all, i forgot i was wearing it blah blah blah. But it LOOKED great. After using many others with the purple trim, the high vision green trim, the blue trim, in lets face it, ODD places, and wondering why it would be so difficult to design something that worked well and actually looked decent, this suit was indeed a step up. I was warm in every dive, i never felt i had a suit on, there was no tugging involved, putting it on was easy, getting it off a little difficult when wet but that could have been the fatigue factor, and it dried fairly quickly. I wouldnt change a thing about this suit. (ok so it WAS an overly girly review. ooopsie.)

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Rating: terrific wetsuit

worked the heck out of this wetsuit and it held up like a champ. Flexible, exactly the right weight, seams were great, no rubbing anywhere, and back on deck it dried quickly before the next dive.

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