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Scuba Gear Reviews by Michael C.

Zeagle Single Cylinder Mounting Straps
Rating: Zeagle-Single-Cylinder-Mounting-Straps Zeagle Tank Strap 9/7/2013

You can count on Zeagles durability, very heavy duty strap, withstands the rigors of Public Safety Diving, have only had one break and that was by baggage handlers on a cross country flight.

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Zeagle Contoured Weight Pouch (Each)
Rating: Zeagle-Contoured-Weight-Pouch-Each Zeagle weight pouch 9/7/2013

Good product very durable. Our Dive team has been using these for about seven years, withstands a lot of wear and tear.

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Deep See 2mm Barnacle Diving Gloves
Rating: Deep-See-2mm-Barnacle-Diving-Gloves Public safety 9/8/2008

I currently work on a Public Safety Dive Team, primarily responsible for body recovery work. Most of our diving is conducted in a large east coast river. Our divrs are always crawling along the bottom fighting currents. These gloves have proven invaluable in their durability and comfort. Most other gloves we have tried, always wore through on the finger tips or the stiching began to fray. The Deep Sea Barnace gloves are superb and are thin enough to provide a lot of dexterity, enabling our divers to manipulate our gear with ease. Highly recommended.

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