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Scuba Gear Reviews by Dewilla G.

Innovative Scuba.Com Deluxe Mouse Pad
Rating: Innovative-Scuba.Com-Deluxe-Mouse-Pad Mouse Pad 09/25/2007

Colorful...exciting...makes you want to go diving...

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Oceanic Downloader - USB
Rating: Oceanic-Dive-Downloader---USB Oceanic Dive Downloader - USB 09/25/2007

Now that we have 2 Oceanic Dive Computers this helps us to keep track of our dives without worrying if we gforgot some info. We now only add our own comments about how great the dive was...

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Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus 2.1 Air / Nitrox Integrated Computer with Compass
Rating: Oceanic-Datamax-Pro-Plus-2.1-Air---Nitrox-Integrated-Computer-with-Compass Doesnt get any better... 09/17/2007

I purchased this Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus 2 Air/Nitrox Integrated Computer because my boyfriend has one and he highly recommended his... Best choice I made... I wear reading glasses and this computer gives me the font size I can read without glasses, an important featured I might add... Also we can now download our data onto the same program so that too is a plus... Everyone we meet diving feels it is a top of the line, cant go wrong product...get one now!!!

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