Scuba Gear Reviews by David L.

Rating: Spinner Knife OMS Oxygen Analyzer 1/4/2009

OMS has been a well known manufacturer in the diving community. As a boat captain and dive master I need products that can stand the test of time. This analyzer has proven itself both on shore as well as on the dive site with remarkable accurace. I recommend this analyzer for both the professional and recreational diver who dont want to take chances at 100 plus feet.

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Rating: Spinner Knife Hood Review 6/17/2008

This is a versatile product. I like the reversible option from black to red. I use the red side while instructing new divers it makes for easy identification even during challenging visibility situations. I recommend this to any instructor.

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Rating: Spinner Knife Floating Ball for drift dives. 6/3/2008

These are doing the job at just the right price. Ive attached 75 feet of line and am able to keep the dive boat within a resonable distance from my divers while they enjoy their dive. Every charter needs this product.

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Rating: Spinner Knife Anti Roll brackets 6/3/2008

I purchased two pair initially to test suitability for my dive charter boat out of Virginia Beach, VA. Once I had the mounting rails installed and the brackets in place I was convinced that this was the way to go. Very versatile, can accomodate any size tank, folds out of the way and very easy to slide in and out. As a commercial charter I recommend this product to the hard core diver or the weekender. I immediately went back to scuba dot com and ordered the rest of the bracket 16 total. Ive mounted rails in my truck for tank trip to the fill station. Works wonderful, 5 stars.....

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OceanPro Spinner Knife
Rating: OceanPro-Spinner-Dive-Knife Spinner Dive Knife Blunt 9/14/2007

Very cmpact, able to mount to BC with no problem. Great to have a high quality product quickly within quick reach.

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