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Trident Knife Strap
Rating: Trident-Knife-Strap high quality-infinitely adjustableonly wish it was longer! 02/22/2009

This is good stuff for a normal sized person, and anyone who wears the knife below their knee. I do wear my knife on my thigh, and I happen to be a very big guy...(67" and about 260 lbs), so I would love to find this same strap in a longer version, say another 6-8 inches. These are very durable, and can be used together in tandem, ( I did to accomplish the length I was after), so overall I am happy with this purchase and would recommend them to anyone needing a new knife strap!

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Trident Knife Strap
Rating: Trident-Knife-Strap THEY MAY BE CHEAP...BUT THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! 09/09/2007

highly reccomend you consider these! for the price, buy two....i did, and do not regret it...i actually gave a pair to my best friend in flroida, who takes me lobster picking frequesntly...he was very grateful. i mean, ill admit it...i felt pretty funny donning these flaming orange/yellow gloves on top of my wetsuit...totally blew any "fashion statement" i may have been trying to make...but they were worth any damage to my pride i may have suffered...excellent product..very "sticky/tacky", so the loberters cannot slip out of your hands...been thinking of offering to buy a few pairs for the denver broncos for football season this more ped balls!

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Trident Knife Strap
Rating: Trident-Knife-Strap INEXPENSIVE BUT VERY WELL CONSTRUCTED! 09/09/2007

I love the wayt his moves throught he drag it seems! Also, it has great connections underneath it for wrapping the really COULD use this to stay afloat in an emergency...because if wrapped properly, it will support a fully grown large man...(I am 260lbs,a nd 67" tall!) Also, its very visible, and I guess if there could be ONE omprovement...the flag could stand up TALLER...but its GREAT,a dn compared to the other three styles I own, this is by FAR my favorite, and stays in my dive bag, wherever I go!

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Trident Knife Strap
Rating: Trident-Knife-Strap COOLEST LOBSTER BAG IVE EVER FOUND! 09/09/2007

WOW!!! When this arrived I smiled EAR to EAR! Its designed to cut TIME out of trying to bag the little buggers! IT WORKS!!! THe zipper on the bottoe makes getting them OUT of the bag EASY and FAST for YOU, and IMPOSSIBLE for the little critters to engineer a prison break!!! Sturdy, VERY well constructed, and will pay for itself in one good day of picking. SUGGESTION...get a brass locking eye hook to connec the bag to your belt/BC....I didnt trust the plastic one that came with it...Im sure itd suffice, but if you snagged something, it oculd break..better safe than sorry! Hope this helps!....BUY ONE!

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Innovative Florida Lobster Gauge with Mini Retractor
Rating: Innovative-Florida-Lobster-Gauge-with-Mini-Retractor THIS IS CHOICE!!!! (PERFECT!!!) 09/09/2007

VERY COOL! THe retractor is of excellent quality, and the guage is a NECESSITY if you are lobstering! Makes fast, quick work of the needed measurement of the carapice. Allows you to connect it to your BC, and keep it right there, where you need it. GREAT STUFF SCUBA.COM!!!

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