Scuba Gear Reviews by Marcin Lajdecki

XS Scuba Knife Wrap
Rating: XS-Scuba-Knife-Wrap Neoprene wrap

I have both an older innovative scuba knife wrap for my old blunt tip ocean master knife and now for my XS Scuba point tip that I currently purchased to be used for my spear fishing conquests. Both of them are very comfortable compared to standard rubber knife straps. Once you get a neoprene wrap you will never go back. The innovative wrap has a nice double hock and loop system to help prevent your step from ever coming undone while the XS is easier to put on and take off. Either one will be sure to place a smile on your face.

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XS Scuba Titanium Knife
Rating: XS-Scuba-Titanium-Knife My second one

In my opinion these are one of the best knifes out there. I have a blunt tip that I purchased back in 2004. I am now getting into spearfishing and looking at what was offered I purchased one with a point. These knives have a great edge, hold up great in salt water, and the lucking sheath is one the best that I have ever come across. This knife does not disappoint.

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Underwater Kinetics Sunlight D8 / HID Light Cannon Grip
Rating: Underwater-Kinetics-Sunlight-D8---HID-Dive-Light-Cannon-Grip Easier to hold a larger light

I purchased the Sunlight D8 e led light to upgrade from my C4. I found the light to provide the light that I wanted at a bargain price but it was a bit awkward to hold. I liked the light so I decided to try out the Cannon Lantern Grip Replacement. I tried it out on my past two dives and it turned out to be just what I was looking for. The weight distribution was perfect and it was easy to hold. It was I small price to pay to create a light that I now like and enjoy.

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Atomic Fins Adjustable Spring Straps
Rating: Atomic-Fins-Adjustable-Spring-Straps Ultimate Fin Spring

I have used other spring sets on multiple fins and by far these are the best feeling and easiest to down on and off. The ability to adjust the tension on these springs allows them to place the correct amount of tension. With a 5mm glove the fins were easy to place on my feet.

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