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Akona Deluxe Regulator Bag
Rating: Akona-Deluxe-Regulator-Bag Designed to work well with Akonas Carry-On Roller Bag 7/28/2007

I purchased this bag as an accessory to my main purchase of an Akona Carry-On Roller Bag #AKB176 (actually I bought two each of both bags but that should tell you how much I like them). These two bags work very well together as the reg bag was designed to fit snugly inside the carry-on bags lower outside pocket. The reg bag is well-made, durable and should last many years.

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Akona Deluxe Regulator Bag
Rating: Akona-Deluxe-Regulator-Bag I like this bag so much I bought two of them! 7/28/2007

One for me and one for my wife. This bag is well-designed, well-made, and durable enough that it should last many years if not a lifetime. My only suggestion: the side pocket zipper (see the zipper tab dangling off the lower right corner of the bag in the photo) should close by zipping UP, not DOWN. I had to clip the string off the zipper tab as otherwise the stringed tab would drag on the ground when the zipper was closed (again, see photo). No big deal, really, as its easy to fix by simply cutting off the stringed tab but having the zipper close by zipping it UP like one does with a pair of pants would solve the problem. Overall, this is an exceptional bag at a great price.

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