Scuba Gear Reviews by James Wolfe

Rating: Good deal for a lightweight.

After my wife somehow managed to shrink my wetsuit to the point it wouldnt fit anymore, I needed a lightweight suit in a hurry. We were going to Antigua where the water temp was around 80F. I ordered this suit and got it within 3 days and it did a great job. Not too hot and well worth the money. I wanted something a little more durable than a skin for protection and this jumpsuit turns out to be very well made and looks like it will stand up to some extended use. The kneepads are little more than decorative but, overall, Im quite pleased with the jumpsuit.

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Rating: Sounds like a better idea than it is.

Being of an age where bi-focals are necessary, we decided to try this product to make reading our gauges easier. My wife is far sighted and uses a regular, clear glass dive mask. I am near-sighted and use a mask with corrective lenses. After following all instructions to the letter, we went diving. My wife lost her first lens while putting defog in her mask. The second washed out somewhere between the first and second dive. Mine stayed in a little better and I got 2 days of diving before they also floated loose. Even while solidly fixed to the mask, the lenses were of questionable utility. They are so large that it is diffficult to align them accurately and they interfered with my normal sight lines. Definitely a $120 mistake. If the lenses were able to be trimmed and then adhered more solidly to the mask, they might be useful but I doubt Id spend that much on another experiment.

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